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Fat bikes At Whistler Olympic Park

Fat biking has become an answer to the problem of inability to ride a regular bike and engage in a winter sport which requires heavy snowfall due to poor snow conditions. Many mountain biking lovers rejoice since this great way of riding a bike even after the snowfall is available at Whistler Olympic Park.continue reading..

Try Fat biking in Whistler Blackcomb

Multi-use trail Porters Glide’ in Whistler Blackcomb can be used for fat tire biking all the way which is 2.8 km. In addition, until February 25th, fat tire biking will be allowed on some other trails such as Madeley Creek Loop, Olympic Connector and Outrun. You can bring your own fat bike, or rent one at the Day Lodge’s rental shop. In order to use the trails for fat tire biking, you need to have a day ticket or valid season ski pass.

Whistler Blackcomb hotels offer special deals and discounts to many local attractions. Whistler Last Minute Deals is an excellent way to get a great deal for accommodation in Whistler Blackcomb. Since some hotels have non booked rooms left, they offer low-rates and costumers are able to book a room at desired location without knowing the name of the hotel.

However, it is required to book the accommodation two weeks before arrival. The name of hotel will be disclosed after the booking. In addition, certain discounts are offered for extended stay and special offers are available as part of the loyalty programs, etc. In general, the accommodation prices differ depending on the time of the year and duration of the stay.

Fit tire biking is not among widely spread winter sports, and due to a changing climate it is becoming increasingly popular lately. There is no need for a lot of snow for fat biking, one or two inches of snow will suffice. This novelty offered for the first time in Whistler Blackcomb by Whistler Olympic Park from Winter 2014/2015. The bikers can use Porter’s Glide during normal operating hours. Night rides are allowed Outrun, Olympic Connector and Madeley Creek loop, starting from 5 pm.

Fat bikes At Whistler Olympic Park

Purchasing your own fat bike is costly, as they are usually considerably more expensive than regular bikes. Therefore, renting a fat bike is an affordable option if you do not plan to get your own fat bike any time soon. In Whistler Blackcomb you can rent a bike from one of the numerous bike rental shops. Given their favorable pricing, spending summer vacation here can be a great choice as well. There are various activities for bicycle lovers such as cross country riding, recreational cycling, mountain biking and road cycling. In any event, you will have a great time on your bike!

Furthermore, keep in mind that fat biking is a relatively new sport, and there may not be as many fat bikes available for rent. To that end, it would be smart to secure your fat bike in advance. Reserve your accommodation and fat bike beforehand so you can enjoy Whistler Blackcomb to the fullest!

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