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Alpine Ski Touring, A Sport That’s Evolving!

Alpine skiing is a widespread way of skiing down the mountain slopes covered with snow. The sport was named after the Alps, a great mountain range system stretching across Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and Germany. The Alps are one of the most popular winter tourism destination attracting winter sports lovers from all around the world.

However, you do not need to go to Europe to enjoy the charms of alpine skiing since the ski resorts in North America offer the same pleasure! Here are the top three ski resorts in North America:

1. Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski resort in North America with over 8000 acres of ski-able area. It was the official alpine skiing venue for 2010 Olympic and Paralympics games, which included alpine skiing disciplines of giant slalom, slalom, super combined and downhill. It’s an ideal place for alpine skiing indeed. Furthermore, you can enjoy a wide range of other activities such as heli-skiing, lift ride, helicopter sightseeing tours, back-country tours, etc.

As regards the accommodation, there are many Whistler Blackcomb Hotels offering various options, depending on your budget and duration of the stay. There are some great deals if you book the accommodation in advance, but last minute reservations can provide a good price as well.

2. Mont Tremblant

Located in Mont-Tremblant, a city in Laurentian Mountains of southern Quebec, this ski resort has over 600 acres of terrain suitable for snowboarding and skiing. Whether you opt for some of disciplines of alpine skiing or sliding, or other types of numerous activities offered by Mont Tremblant, you will be provided with high quality service. Mont Tremblant ski resort offers both summer and winter packages, including special offers for school break and multi-day ticket discounts.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of Mont Tremblant chalets rentals available, ideal for big families and most of which are bookable on-line. Some of them include indoor pools, non-smoking rooms, pets areas and most of them offer Wi-Fi and parking spaces. In addition, condos and single-family residences are available for rent, most of which are conveniently located in close vicinity of shops, restaurants and cafés:http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/winter-sports/31473851

3. Jackson Hole

Named after historically significant Jackson Hole valley, this ski resort is situated in Teton Village, Wyoming. It makes a wonderful landscape and steep terrain which is especially favorable for alpine skiing, appeals to thousands of free skiers and winter sports lovers. Even though Jackson Hole is well-known among the professional skiers for its extreme terrain, a plethora of options is available to intermediates and beginners. When it comes to lodging, the visitors can select chalets, slop-side, cabins, condos and hotels. Most of the Jackson Hole accommodations are bookable on-line, thus the visitors can get good deals for booking in advance.

Alpine Ski Touring

Aside from alpine skiing, the visitors can try snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snow tubing, snowshoeing. Horse-drawn sleigh ride through mountain meadows is offered between December and April. Dog sled tours are another thrilling activity as the visitors on their sled are being led by a team of dogs.

Regardless whether you opt for Whistler Blackcomb, Mont Tremblant or Jackson Hole, you will be provided with first-class alpine skiing experience.

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