Tremblant, a Standout Destination for your Corporate Events!

Mont Tremblant is known for its great skiing and snowboarding landscape. What many people don’t realize is that Mont Tremblant hotels chalet rentals offers you a great opportunity to host business meetings and corporate events. Here are 3 hotels that you should seriously consider booking when planning your next event.

  1. Fairmont Tremblant

This particular hotel is a great option for hosting your next corporate event. The reason for this is that they offer fantastic business and conventions services. These services include equipment rental, including printers, fax machines and photocopiers; fax transmission, word processing, and courier & message service. It is a truly phenomenal option in order to ensure that all …

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Alpine Ski Touring, A Sport That’s Evolving!

Alpine Ski Touring

Alpine skiing is a widespread way of skiing down the mountain slopes covered with snow. The sport was named after the Alps, a great mountain range system stretching across Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy and Germany. The Alps are one of the most popular winter tourism destination attracting winter sports lovers from all around the